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“Families & Horses” Reader Photo Album Favorites

Winners & Comments



October 2013 issue  


     Readers, thank you for taking time to vote for your favorite “Families & Horses” photo in our August 2013 issue. Every photo received votes, and the top photos were neck-in-neck.

     We had two winners for our prize packages. Each winner will receive Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship rope halter, lead rope and gift bag; and three products from Horse Health — Ambush Insecticide, One-Step Leather Cleaner, and Ivermectin Paste.

     The winner for the photo with the most votes received is Photo #3 on Page 19, submitted by Suzanne Grassell of Wenatchee, WA, of her two-year-old daughter Annalise riding in her first horse show on their Arabian mare, Valentine, age 33.

      “I am so happy that Valentine is still going strong. She and I did all kinds of competitions when I was young — from English Pleasure to Barrels — and now I get to pass her on to my kids. My daughter, now 2-1/2 is riding her by herself and my son is riding her on trails. She is a treasure,” says Suzanne.


RMR's Families & Horses 2013 Winners & Comments

Suzanne Grassell, her daughter Annalise and Valentine were voted reader’s favorite photo.

     The winner of the second prize package, won by random drawing from those who submitted votes, is Patricia Culver of Missoula , MT.

      She tells us: “I love seeing all the kids learning about horses from their families. I really hope they carry on the horse tradition when they grow up.

     “I belong to the Back Country Horsemen of Missoula. I have had great experiences helping our club clean and maintain trails, building bridges, and going on group rides in the wilderness.

     “I have been involved with two generations of 4-H. I have my granddaughter taking Horsemanship, Showmanship and Trail Riding in 4-H. We have ridden horses for a long time and hope to keep going for many more years.”


     We had lots of enthusiastic responses from voters about their choice of the best photo. Larger versions of the photos may be seen on RMR’s website, both in the digital edition of the August 2013 magazine and under Photo Albums.


(Winning photo) Fantastic Arabian horse in the family for 24 years and 33 years old. Gentle with Mom and then with daughter. How amazing. Love to see an older horse in such wonderful shape!!!
—Liz in Colorado


Horse, rider and “Mom” are all very happy! P.S. All the photos are special - Nice to see WHOLE families!
—Sue in Montana


I think it is absolutely wonderful that a mother and her 2 year old daughter are in a horseshow on the same horse that the mother used as a young girl. This photo speaks volumes. What a special moment! —A Reader from Washington

It was a difficult decision, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Arabians and little girls that ride them.
—Joanne in Colorado


All the pictures were so great it was really hard to choose a favorite!! :) Love see all the pictures and reading the descriptions of the horses, mules and people in the pictures!
—Charlene in Washington




I have met the Harris family and Emillio. They are great ambassadors for the BLM burros. Emillio is extremely cute every year in the Utah Wild Horse & Burro Festival all dressed up in costume. He is always so patient with everything going on around him.
—Janet in Utah


I like that they had faith in a little BLM burro and trained him to drive.
—Deb in Idaho




As a member of Judith Basin Back Country Horseman, I recognize the need to involve our youth in the BCH mission. The picture of a little girl bravely crossing a stream on a Decker on the way to clear a trail is heartwarming.
Judy in Montana


Because it is nice to see the young and the older generations enjoying horse back riding together and Grandpa seemed to be helping the young child. 

— A Reader in Utah


Probably because I’m a “GamGam”, the grandfather in the photo, along with his son taking the photo, is teaching the child about nature, animals, civic duty and of course making unforgettable memories. 

—Anna in Wyoming




Featured the old and the young! What a great family photo!
—Lesley in Wyoming


I loved seeing the big cheesin’ grin on Miss Mary Jacobs face. That is how horses and mules make me matter what age I am!! Good for her 101 and going strong!
—Wendy in California


This photo appeared to represent a legacy with the ranchers and horses with parades, and family, plus the time to decorate for a special occasion.
— Diane in Montana





A hold on to traditional values of ranch life is reflected by the 28 yr old horse showing his youngster of 7 how its done! The longevity of love and care of boys, dad and horses that depend on each other is a way of life seldom seen outside a farm or ranch; less and less each year.
—Harold Wadley in Idaho


I just thought the picture was cool. Another generation of “cowboys” at a branding. Doesn’t get much better than that.
—Dave in Idaho


The picture is an action photo...Reed and his kids are working together utilizing their skills on the ranch.
—LaDona in Montana


Up and coming ropers. They are learning valuable lessons with roping together and look out! you might just seem them in high school and PRCA roping later in life. Congrats boys!
—Tiss in South Dakota





He looks like the cat that swallowed the canary. Happy in where he is at, horseback.
Sandy in Montana


The look on the boys face is classic, it reminds me of my first experience on horseback and how I felt at the time. Awesome pic!
— Sheila in Montana





The string of mules represents an impressive amount of time & effort. It’s unusual, but it gives a good view of the life of Montana outfitters. Thanks for running the contest.
—A Reader in Alaska


Look at the length of that string in a PARADE and they are in a perfectly straight line. I led 1 mule and had a near disaster. VERY impressive!
—Tami in Idaho


This is a superb photo of mules at work! In a parade educating people as to what mules can do, or on a pack trip to the hills they are still working for their family. Great photo of family and equines working together in harmony.
—Sybil in Alberta





Kudos to those families that put helmets on their kids. Thanks for such a fun section in your publication.
—Linda in Montana





I love that it is 3 women, 2 generations and that they still move the cows with horses instead of ATVs.
—Lorie in Montana

Copyright 2013 Rocky Mountain Rider. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction of any editorial material, artwork and photos is strictly forbidden without express written permission of the publisher. For information about reprint rights, please contact the editor;

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