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Winners of RMR’s 2012 Kids & Horses

 Photo Contest

By Dorinda Troutman, RMR Staff Writer


February 2013 issue  

      Hundreds of readers voted online, through email, and by U.S. mail for their favorite kid and horse photo from the December issue of Rocky Mountain Rider, and the winners have been chosen!

      Receiving the most votes was the photo of Marti Vail, age 8, of Edna , Utah , on the small mustang, Ladybug, jumping an obstacle. Ladybug is owned by Janet Tipton, who is a neighbor of Marti’s and the person who sent in the photo.  


Winners of RMR's 2012 Kids & Horses Photo Contest

Top vote winner Marti Vail, age 8, on mustang mare Ladybug. Photo by Sue Butterfield. 

      Janet says that the photo was taken when Marti and Ladybug placed fifth out of nineteen riders in the Extreme Mustang Trail Challenge class at the Utah Wild Horse and Burro Show. Marti was the youngest rider!

      Janet was impressed by Marti’s riding ability. Marti learned her skills from her parents, who raise and train Quarter Horses. Her mother competed in barrel racing until Marti’s birth.

      Janet approached the youngster and asked if she would ride Ladybug in the Mustang Challenge. “Marti is very quiet and reserved until you get to know her,” says Janet.

      Ladybug was adopted from a BLM satellite adoption and came from the Antelope Horse Management Area near Ely , Nevada . She was an untouched two-year-old when Janet adopted her in 1999. Because she has been such a great little horse, Janet now owns five mustangs and has become very involved in mustang promotion.

      In addition to competing in Mustang Challenges, Ladybug is the number two limited-endurance (25- to 35-mile rides) horse in the American Endurance Ride Conference history with 3,190 miles. She has finished in the Top Ten 45 times and has won sixteen Best Condition Awards. Janet hopes that she will become number one before she is retired.

      The 13.2-hand mare has also recovered from two severe injuries (a broken splint bone and a hip muscle tear that her vet warned she might never fully recover from) incurred while competing in endurance.

      “Ladybug is just so stoic that we didn’t even know she was hurt until much later,” says Janet. The vet was proved wrong and Ladybug is competing successfully again.

      As top vote winner, Marti will receive a Liberty low profile schooling helmet from Troxel Performance Headgear, and a cinch or girth of her choice from Montana Cincha.

Second vote winner was Jack Chambers, age 5, on mule Cleo, age 25. 


      The number two vote winning photo is five-year-old Jack Chambers of Cottonwood , Idaho , riding his well-loved and very trustworthy mule, Cleo, age 25, in a parade in Dayton , Washington .  


Third vote winner Max Feight, on Big Guy.

      The number three vote winning photo is Max Feight, of Whitehall , Montana , on his horse Big Guy, heading out to hunting camp. Jack and Max will also each be awarded a Troxel riding helmet.



      We asked readers why they liked the photos they voted on. They were not shy about telling us!


Marti and Ladybug

“Only 8 years old and showing such trust in her mare and the mare is obviously showing great confidence from her positive hands and legs. Great photo. Great little rider and horse!!” E.K., Lovell , WY .


“It was a tough decision on my favorite choice. There’s so much talent in these young riders, it really is hard to choose. I would’ve liked to been able to vote in different categories. There were three distinct photos I wanted to vote on, but I chose the one I did for what appeared to be the confidence of horse and rider in handling the obstacle that lay beneath them. Rider and horse seem to be in sync with one another. I commend her for getting a hold of the saddle horn and not having her feet all the way through the stirrups. Good Job. Thanks for the photos and young people desiring to learn the skills needed in the various events.” M.M., American Falls , ID


“Marti and Ladybug are the team that makes my heart smile. I met Janet T and her Bug years ago at an Owyhee Endurance ride and that little mustang horse has a heart as big as her whole body and when I see her with such an eager and determined little girl- well it doesn’t get any better than that. I was the kid who had to rely on the generosity of others to share their horses too when I was that age. Ride far and well Marti and Ladybug.” B.M., Glenns Ferry, ID.


“IT’S NOT FAIR!! You only let us vote for one photo! I would love to pick all of them! Thanks for a great publication!” J.H., Moccasin, MT


“Great action Pic!” J.W., Phelan , CA .


“All the photos were terrific. I like this one because of the close-up action. It does not look staged, just caught on the fly.” J.W.


“Amazing obstacles for such a young rider Go Marti! That Ladybug is amazing and sooo willing!” J.M., Bountiful , UT.


“Just beautiful!” L.L., Tooele UT.


“I find it impressive that this little gal has the courage to ride like this, particularly on a Mustang. It tells me that someone spent some real time with the animal and the child as both appear relaxed and confident in the challenge. Bravery not often seen in either horses or young riders.” R.G., Garibaldi, OR


“This “couple” shows the trust that child and mustang can obtain through the simple means of becoming partners.  These horses need homes; these children learn responsibility from them. What’s better than that?” S.H., Idaho Falls , ID


“I loved the natural, relaxed but determined look of this little girl running down the hill on an equally confident and safe-looking steed!” Anonymous, MT.


“Adorable girl. Showing the spirit of the true West!” Anonymous, UT


“I have ridden the course Marti is on. It is a tough one. I have watched multiple adults come off their horses while running this course. I have watched Marti at these competitions since she was four or five when she started out riding her pony. I also know Ladybug, the horse, she is a nice little mare who has a heart bigger than her body, and go that won’t quit.” Anonymous, UT.  


Very close runner up was Taylor Rodeman, age 11,  of Douglas , Wyoming , on her Appaloosa mare, Alias Terlingua King, age 13.  


Jack Chambers and Cleo:


“He’s only 5 and already a great mule rider! Pretty darn cute too!!” M.K., Dayton , WA


“Jack loves his mule Cleo and just started riding this year. He cuts cattle, rides the trail and was a hit at Mule Mania in Dayton , Washington , this year. You should have seen him lead the Mule Mania Drill Team at the show. We’re lucky to have sweet Cleo he can ride and be a cowboy.” J.P., Clarkston , WA


Max and Big Guy:


“Any kid who rides a horse to hunt camp in the snow deserves a whole pile of votes!!!!” T.Y. in Alabama


“This young man has learned to ride and take care of this horse,  its good for them to learn these values as they carry on in the future. He has trust in the horse and the horse respects him, too.” Anonymous, MT


      Don’t forget to take this year’s great photos of families and youngsters, and then send them in to RMR for the August 2013 album “Families & Horses” and December 2013 album “Kids & Horses.”  



Winners of RMR Cover Posters


Below is a list of runners-up from the Kids & Horses Photo Album contest in the December 2012 issue of RMR. Each family will receive an extra large poster of a RMR cover.

>Taylor Rodeman on Alias Terlingua, Submitted by Connie Taylor of Douglas , WY (Page 22, Photo 1).

>Braxton and Lane, with Transfer, Submitted by Sandy and Scott Sallee of Emigrant, MT (Page 29, Photo 3).

>Colton Price on Mr Easy Clipper, Submitted by Sherry Price of Stevensville , MT (Page 22, Photo 3).

>Connor Kelleher on Apache, Submitted by Janet Kelleher of Clark , WY (Page 23, Photo 3).

>Quincey Kirkpatrick on Truly, Submitted by Gene Kirkpatrick of Salmon, ID (Page 24, Photo 5).


>Makayla Workman, Submitted by Cindi Fannon of Cowley , WY (Page 28, Photo 3).

>Liam Brand on Lumpkin, Submitted by John Brand of Diamond Springs , CA (Page 29, Photo 6).

      Thanks to everyone who wrote a note about their recollections of the horses in their childhoods. Please see these memories in this issue and upcoming issues this spring.


Copyright 2013 Rocky Mountain Rider. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction of any editorial material, artwork and photos is strictly forbidden without express written permission of the publisher. For information about reprint rights, please contact the editor;

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