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Farm & Ranch Improvement   


June 2012 issue

Solid Construction with Horse Stalls from Hutchison-Western

Solid Construction with Horse Stalls from Hutchison-Western

      Hutchison HW Brand Heavy Duty Brown horse stalls are made in the USA and designed for ease-of-installation as well as safety for your horses.


      HW Brand Heavy Duty Brown Traditional Horse Stalls are constructed with 2” x 2” square, 16 gauge material. Horse-proof latches are mounted flush with the door, the doors are on aluminum rollers for a smooth, quiet motion.

      A drop down grill is recessed into the rolling door. Feed grills give access into the stall for feeding and watering purposes. The Stall fronts and dividers come in 10’ and 12’ lengths. The stalls can be set up in rows as well as back-to-back using 2-way or 3-way connectors. Stall connectors are sold separately. Lumber is sold separately.


      HW Brand Heavy Duty Brown Original Horse Stalls are constructed with 2”, 14 gauge round tubing frame material. Vertical rails are 1”, 14 gauge material. Vertical bars on fronts and dividers are at 3” spacing.

      The stall door rolls on aluminum rollers for a smooth quiet motion. The sliding door has a drop down grill built into the door. A feed grill is built into the stall front opposite the door for access into the stall.

      Stall fronts and dividers come in 10’ and 12’ lengths. Dividers some in two styles: vertical rail dividers and solid dividers. Dividers and fronts have 1 ½” channel welded into frame to receive lumber. The Stalls can be set up in rows as well as back-to-back using 2-way or 3-way connectors. Stall connectors are sold separately. Lumber is sold separately.

      HW Heavy Duty Brown products also include gates, panels, continuous fencing, feeders, horse shelters, squeeze shutes, and calving equipment.

      The HW Brand products are available at farm stores, ranch suppliers, cooperatives, feed stores, home centers, hardware and lumber stores throughout the Midwest and Western States .

      For more information, call 800-525-0121 or visit


Mountain West Cooperative - Cenex Pasture Improvement Services 

Mountain West Cooperative - Cenex Pasture Improvement Services

      Whether you own three acres of pasture for two horses, 50 acres of hay land, or are considering purchasing property with pasture potential, Professional Pasture Services (PPS), the small acreage management division at Mountain West Coop–Cenex, in Western Montana , can help.

      PPS professionals provide complete pasture planning and management for production, grazing, nutrition, weed/pest, and irrigation; or they can help a landowner provide his or her own pasture plan with expert analysis and products needed for best results.

      PPS is the only Western Montana business with a Certified Crop Advisor on staff — a professional who meets strict standards of managing soil and water, pests, soil nutrients and vegetation.

      As all old farmers know, forage under the hoof costs a lot less than hay under cover. When land is choked with brush and weeds, or a pasture has been grazed to nothing, PPS can provide a rehabilitation and improvement plan that will work for you.

      A PPS professional can tell you what species of grasses you have; what grass seed will work best for your conditions; what weeds you have, and how to control them.

      In addition, PPS can improve land for wildlife habitat and native plant species restoration, provide weed analysis, and safe, professional herbicide/pesticide and grass seed application.

      For more information, call Bill or Craig at 406-549-5195, or visit


Solid, Safe Barns from MD Barnmaster of Montana


Solid, Safe Barns from MD Barnmaster of  Montana

      When in the market for your dream barn, MD Barnmaster of Montana is a leader if your priorities are fire safety, horse safety, value, and ease of maintenance.

      With thirty years of building experience behind them, MD Barnmaster barns outperform the average barn in every way — they are chew-proof, kick-proof, and have a 0% fire spread rating.

      MD Barnmaster barns are made from modular, electrostatically-painted steel panels with a flexible plywood core for fast and easy installation. These barns handle heavy snow loads and high winds, are attractive, functional, keep chores to a minimum, and are very long-lasting.

      Experts can help provide hassle-free designs, quotes, and installation. You, your contractor, or MD Barnmaster of Montana can install your barn after delivery.

      Using one of four available roof styles, the horseperson can design his or her own virtually unlimited configuration — from shed-row size to boarding-facility size. Designs are fully customizable, from interior to exterior, and can be designed and installed in as few as eight weeks.

      Estate Series Barns are for horse owners who want upscale details that set their barn apart.

      Ranch Series Barns are solid, dependable workhorses in a variety of styles and colors.

      Stalls, tack rooms and feed storage are made of the same maintenance-free steel laminate that is kick-proof and safe.

      MD Barnmaster of Montana also offers other ag structures such as loafing sheds, hay and equipment barns and solid-wall round pens.

     For more information, call 406-363-8172 or 406-363-8236 or visit


Long-Term Good Looks with Continuous Fence from Bison Pipe


Long-Term Good Looks with Continuous Fence from Bison Pipe

      Bison Pipe & Supply builds steel continuous fence that is the toughest on the market — and is also very attractive.

      Their signature steel-pipe, heavy-duty continuous fence is engineered for equestrian arena facilities — from ranches to rodeo grounds — as well as livestock feedlots, livestock auction facilities, and horse paddocks.

      Many property-owners and ranchers find that Bison Pipe signature continuous fence is so good looking and maintenance-free, they are using it to replace traditional wood fencing.

      Bison Pipe not only supplies the materials; they can also design, custom manufacture and install their continuous fence, along with outstanding overhead entrance gates and smaller pass-through gates.

      Bison Pipe can also design and build steel jack-fencing for rocky areas; combination steel-and-electric fencing for large acreages; combination wood-post and steel-pipe fence; pipe-and-sucker rod rail fence; round pens; sorting pens; and customized fencing to fit steep terrain, cross irrigation ditches and cattle guard wings.

      For do-it-yourselfers or contractors, Bison Pipe has an unlimited amount of steel pipe and stock available in sizes for nearly any application, including large diameter for irrigation, hydro-electric and boring.  Bison Pipe can cut pipe to length for special projects. They also carry heavy-duty, custom-built panels and gates in a variety of sizes, stock guard rail, fence panels, gates, cable fencing, high tensile sucker rod, and fittings to link it all together.

      To help preserve your steel fence, Bison carries a unique aluminum “Rust Rustler” (silver) paint/primer that has been tested for durability in the oil fields.

      Bison Pipe & Supply is located in Jerome , Idaho and has installed their fencing across the Northwest U.S.

“Build it just Once, Build it with Steel”

     For more information, call 800-764-7473 or visit


Wedge-Loc T-post Braces Eliminate Post Hole Digging


Wedge-Loc T-post Braces Eliminate Post Hole Digging

      Never dig post holes and pour concrete again — use the Wedge-Loc Bracing System to build strong, sturdy, long-lasting and economical steel T-post fences. Start or finish a fence line anywhere using only a post-driver and fencing pliers!

      Wedge-Loc collars and braces are strong. The University of Arizona tested the durability of the hardware and found that wires broke at 2,900 lbs of pull, but the posts and hardware stayed solid.

      Wedge-Loc braces allow you to add bracing to corners and along longer lines of fencing using T-posts for both post and braces. Build a corner in no time with two-, three- or four-socket braces allowing up to 4-way corners. Braces fit all brands of steel T-posts and work with all types of fencing material – for both permanent and temporary fencing.

     Wedge-Loc hardware is available at stores nationwide. Find more information, suggestions on use, installion instructions, or a dealer near you at, or call 800-669-7218.


New Solar-Charged Patriot Electric Fence Energizers


New Solar-Charged Patriot Electric Fence Energizers

      Two new Patriot fence energizers have just been introduced by Tru-Test – the world’s leading manufacturer of pasture management equipment since 1938. Both chargers are low-impedance — they are effective in tall weeds and grasses — and have intelligent battery management for optimum performance.

      The economical Patriot SolarGuard 50 Solar Fence Energizer is recommended for use in backyards, gardens and similar-sized areas for controlling animals such as pets and predators such as foxes, raccoons, skunks, etc.

      Advanced electronics, rechargeable 6-volt battery, and solar panel give optimum performance throughout the year. The tough UV-resistant SolarGuard 50 can run up to 14 days without sunlight, easily mounts on a T-post, and comes with a 2-year warranty.

      The Patriot SolarGuard 155 Solar Fence Energizer is a high-output energizer with an internal, sealed 12-volt battery. It charges up to 10 miles or 40 acres of fence, and operates up to 21 days without sunlight. A strong aluminum frame with weather and UV resistant case prevents moisture damage, and makes it suitable for year-round use. The energizer is portable, with T-post or wood post fixing options, and a one-year warranty.

      For more information, or to locate your nearest dealer in the Northwest, call High Country Ag Marketing at 800-777-9950.


Southwestern Wyoming Wool Warehouse offers the Best Auto Waterers


Southwestern Wyoming Wool Warehouse offers the Best Auto Waterers

      Your horses can drink fresh, clean water 24-hours a day, no matter the weather, with a Ritchie EcoFount 2 automatic waterer — the premier, electrically-heated fountain engineered with horses in mind.

      EcoFount waterers are energy efficient, have low water waste, and are fully enclosed with floating thermal caps to keep heat in during sub-zero days, and maintain cooler water while reducing algae growth in hot weather. The waterers come in two colors: yellow or green.

      Quick refill means there’s no wait for water, and EcoFounts are easy to clean and maintain. Sturdy flip-top covers have no cumbersome latches or bowls to remove.

The EcoFount 2 has a capacity of watering 60 horses (or cattle).

      Ritchie has been manufacturing durable, dependable automatic fountains for all types of livestock with years of trouble-free use since 1921. All of their waterers carry a 10-year warranty.

      Ritchie EcoFounts are available at Southwestern Wyoming Wool Warehouse, along with nearly everything else you might need for your ranch, horse (saddles, tack, vet supplies), kitchen or leather working, at 1145 Elk Street , Rock Springs , WY . Call 307-362-3022.



Ranchers across teh Northwest trust Pacific Steel Panels & Gates

Ranchers across the Northwest trust Pacific Steel Panels & Gates

      Pacific Steel & Recycling offers customers a great variety of heavy-duty farm and ranch products that are both durable and dependable for horses and livestock. Products include livestock equipment such as feeders, calving pens, T-posts, hinges, and field and specialty fence.

      Pacific Steel’s “Horse Panels” have standard, heavy-duty, 2-inch steel tubing and are available in 5- or 6-feet tall heights. They can be used to create permanent, continuous fence; paddocks; or arenas. Panels come in lengths from 8 feet to 24 feet.

      Pacific Steel’s “Pasture Panels” are made of lightweight, but strong, 1-3/4 inch tube steel with a welded center vertical support and six rails. They can be used to build portable or permanent horse-safe round pens, arenas, or paddocks. Temporary stalls can be erected, even on irregular ground. Half-round legs help keep panels from sinking into soft ground and allow panels to slide for portability. Panels come in 10-foot lengths, are linked with dual chain latches and are powder-coated brown.

      Pacific Steel & Recycling is an employee-owned company that has been in business for more than 100 years and has 42 locations across the Northwest. They offer full-service recycling for all types of products: from paper to steel to electronics. Their locations offer drive-thru facilities, and their out-job services will come to your location to assist with clean-up.

            To find a dealer near you, visit


Copyright 2012 Rocky Mountain Rider. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction of any editorial material, artwork and photos is strictly forbidden without express written permission of the publisher. For information about reprint rights, please contact the editor;


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