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Copyright 2011 Rocky Mountain Rider. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction of any editorial material, artwork and photos is strictly forbidden without express written permission of the publisher. For information about reprint rights, please contact the editor;


Priest River Valley BCH Renovate Trailhead 

By Bud Bailey, BCH Project Coordinator, Sandpoint, ID

Photos by Dorothy Bailey


September 2011 issue


      Members of the Priest River Valley Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of Idaho spent 3 days this past summer volunteering their time, skill and labor to renovate the Trail Creek Trailhead (Trail #53), seven miles east of Naples , Idaho .


Construction of the horse corrals included cutting and welding pipe, mixing and hauling cement, and clearing the site of trees, stumps and debris.


      From June 24–26, 2011, the members constructed a series of metal horse corrals, steel high lines, a hitching rail, building tent pads, and clearing a nearby trail.

      This project had been in the works for just over three years in cooperation with the Bonners Ferry Ranger District, which is on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests. During this three-year period, the Forest Service rebuilt the trail from the trailhead to the creek crossing as well as overhauling the crossing itself. This crossing had been one of the most difficult in the local trail system and more than one rider had gone into the drink before the reconstruction.

      Also at the trailhead had been an old, overgrown landing which had caused numerous problems, including making it difficult for those backing trailers. Upon removal of the landing, the parking area more than tripled.


      During the winter of 2010-2011, members of the Priest River Valley BCH started making contact with potential supply donors and the result was fantastic.

      Business Donations (Supplies, Materials and food) were received from the following businesses: Minden Well Drilling, Bonners Ferry, ID; Liberty Pipe (now Bison Pipe), Jerome, ID; Clint Kimball Company, Naples , ID.

      Ponderay , ID , businesses: Home Depot, Sandpoint Building Supply, Pacific Steel and Recycling, Walmart and Yokes Foods.

      Sandpoint , ID , businesses: Pro Build, Super One Foods, and Safeway; Samuels Store and the Moyie Springs Store to the amount of $4,358.00

      Individual donations (cash) was donated in the amount of $631. The Priest River Valley BCH chapter donation (cash) in the amount of $500. Total donations were $5,489.

      On June 18, 2011, the Bonners Ferry Ranger District installed a vault toilet at the trailhead, paid for by grant money. It came in handy during construction. The Bonners Ferry Ranger District also planned on installing two steel fire rings and picnic tables over the summer.

      The volunteer workers started arriving at the trailhead on Thursday, June 23, and continued to arrive and depart and return to the work site as their personal schedule would allow over the next three days. There were a few who had been involved during the planning and organizing over the past year who couldn’t be there during the construction phase, but whose presence was felt due to their dedication and hard work already performed.


Four newly finished steel pipe corrals try out horses.


      This hard-working crew cut, welded and ground pipe, mixed and hauled cement, cleared trail and camp sites, drove tractors, piled stumps and slash, operated chain saws, shoveled gravel, cooked meals, moved boulders, lugged timbers, laughed a lot and had a real good time resulting in the following achievements:


A 64-foot x 16-foot corral system with three dividers and four gates, all welded steel and cemented into the ground.

Three steel, highline posts with welded rope loops, cemented into the ground.

One 14-foot, all-steel, hitching rail welded and cemented into the ground.

Roughly 1/8 mile of trail leading to three 14 foot x 14 foot tent pads that are boarded with treated timbers and filled with sand and gravel.

      The Trail Creek Trailhead is used by multiple user groups and accesses miles of trails in the Western Cabinet Mountains and the Pend Oreille Divide.

      The Priest River Valley BCH put in a total of 323 skilled-labor volunteer hours; 97 hours power equipment; and 98 hours on heavy equipment; plus 1,573 personal vehicle miles.


 A group photo of Priest River Valley Backcountry Horsemen volunteers. From left to right are: Rick Price, Dave Gruver, Garry Lovrin, Julie Everson, Bud Bailey, Dale Schrempp, Meredith Keller, David Walker, Terry Steiner, Steve Larkin and Jack Lamb. Volunteers not pictured are: Kay Walker, Gabe Gabel, Emmette Jorden, Karla Keller, Judy Goodwin, Bob and Carolyn Savage, Pandi Gruver, Dottie Yerkes, and Dorothy Bailey.

Copyright 2011 Rocky Mountain Rider. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction of any editorial material, artwork and photos is strictly forbidden without express written permission of the publisher. For information about reprint rights, please contact the editor;


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