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RMR's Horsepeople's Forum

Favorite Horse Sport or Activity


Tell us about your favorite sport or activity with equines. Please tell us how many horses you use, how many events you attend or rides do you take per year, and any other interesting facts about your sport or activity! Will you be participating in 2010?


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Tue, Sep 7, 2010 12:21 PM

North Dakota

I have never been without horses. I own 18 of them and board some also. I breed , raise, train and sell horses. I do a some barrel racing , team penning and love roping (but have not done that in awhile). I ride almost if not everyday. I camp with my horses and simply LOVE riding wooded trails and river crossings. Especially in the big gorges. I do parades, cattle drives.....or simply spend time grooming them. They are my lifes blood.


Mon, Mar 1, 2010 9:01 AM


We have 5 horses and 2 ponies and we do a lot of things with all of them. We have all different breeds from Quarter Horses, Appys, Arabs and so on. We do Mounted shooting, Extreme Cowboy, Trail horse challenges, Clinics and so on. Theres at least 2 Shoots if not more every month for the Mounted Shooting and 3 or 4 Trail Horse Challenges, plus 2 or possibly 3 Extreme Cowboy races this year. We are hoping to attend most of them if not all. When were not competeing we spend the rest of our time when not working teaching our Grandkids how to ride (2 and 6 years). Any time that is left we use for training horses and pleasure riding. Setting up a permanent Extreme course and Have a 360 x 160 foot arena that we are going to use to do Mounted and Extreme clinics this year.


Sat, Feb 27, 2010 10:29 AM


Hi. My name is Gail Springer, I am the owner of PFL Inc., a web business that promotes Equestrian Tack, Paso Fino Horses, and Metal Decor. I belong to a friendly group of people who have put together a list of activities for the summer and we are steadily adding to the list so that all our friends have a fun activity to choose from at all times over the summer. We are in the panhandle of the the state of Idaho and probably trail ride more than anything. Paul and I own 9 Paso Finos that are suited to Trail and Pleasure riding. We do parades, poker rides, small shows in the area, camp outs, etc. If anyone in the panhandle of Idaho or just across the borders want to know more, please contact me. Thanks, Gail


Fri, Feb 26, 2010 4:03 PM


I have one horse and one mule which are used for trail riding. I am a Back Country Horsemen member and our chapter is very active in fun rides and group trail maintenance in connection with the Forest Service. We have about six scheduled events per summer and fill in with other campouts and rides as they fit in timewise. We have members in our club from 5 to 80 and no matter what the project we have a great time with lots of comraderie. We have lots planned for 2010.


Thu, Feb 25, 2010 9:12 AM


We raise Foundation Quarter Horses and belong to NFQHA, AQHA. We currently have 6 horses and all are either competing or being prepared to compete. We have shown our horses in "in-hand" trail classes and then they go on to versatility. We have recently joined a group called American Competitive Trail Horse Assoc. or ACTHA. What a kick. This group is growing rapidly throughout the US and is now advertising on RFD-TV. With sponsors like Parelli, Clinton Anderson and Lyons it is quickly growing. This new venue is nothing new for the trail rider but it certainly is new in regards to the trail horse industry. This club sets up rides all over the country. You can travel or stay in your own back yard. They keep track of all your scores and the prizes are not bad either! Most rides are between 6 and 10 miles and will have 6+ obstacles on each ride. Usually they are about a mile apart. Their motto...."Not just a trail horse anymore" is what most trail riders have know all along. Those seasoned trail horses that can handle almost anything out there are hard to find and take years to perfect. This has turned out to be a great training tool for our horses. There is an open division, pleasure division, youth and the buddy division. Buddy division is just a ride along so that you and your horse can become accustomed to the whole idea without the pressure of competition. We are now trying to compete in at least 1 ride per month. ACTHA has year end awards based on points so for those that can do will be worth your while! Horse and Rider magazine just interviewed the founders of ACTHA and has a 3 page interview in the March magazine. Although my horses have titles from their in-hand and versatility competitions I am proud to say that they are "not just trail horses anymore"! Rose Goodlett - Rockin G Foundation Quarter Horses


Wed, Feb 24, 2010 11:18 PM


Washington :
Pacific Crest Trail, mountain trails, Wilderness Area trails, public land group rides, BCH chapter rides, new places all the time. Working and maintaining trails with the Forest Service, keeping trails open for horses. Cleaning and maintaining trailheads and camping areas for horse activities. Teaching people about Leave-No-Trace camping and packing in (and packing out). Seeing and caring for God's country.


Wed, Feb 24, 2010 2:47 PM


We have 22 horses on our ranch which is a cattle and guest ranch. I use horses for work and pleasure. Working cattle is the best education for a horse. When you and your horse have a job there is education together. We host a yoga and horsemanship retreat at our ranch. We have hosted clinicians like Brian Neubert and Ray Hunt. I value their knowledge and glad they pass it on. I also event when i have time but will ride/train as much as I can- not matter the training. I may attend 1 or 2 competitons and several event training clinics.


Tue, Feb 23, 2010 7:52 PM  


My Favorite Activity with my Horse is Mounted Patrol with the City of Lakewood on my buckskin Paso Fino Gelding, Brio.

We Volunteer to do courtesy patrols in pairs in several of the parks in Lakewood that include Bear Creek Lake Park , Belmar Park , Addenbrooke Park , Green Mountain and the Bear Creek Greenbelt. Besides enjoying the park and riding the trails there, we spend our time Answering questions, giving directions, reminding users to keep all dogs on leashes, document safety issues & concerns for Rangers, and provide emergency and medical help when needed. Of course keeping Horses in the public eye and in a positive way is a good thing as well! Although we're only required to patrol 4 hours minimum per month during our active season (May through September here in the Colorado Rockies) we love to do more per month. We schedule our own rides with partners whenever we like for dates, times and locations so it's very flexible and fun. The City provides us with Saddle Blankets, Short Sleeved Polo Shirts, Jackets and Fanny Packs that also hold water bottles, all with the City's colored logo and name on them in blue and white. Besides helping out our community and enjoying more time on the trail, we enjoy a wonderful dinner at the local golf course restaurant courtesy of the City at the end of our season. And just to make it fun, we get small prizes as well in order of our highest amount of hours ridden on down.

Each season starts with our despooking clinic indoors where we get to see what comfort level our horses have with many varied objects. Tarps, flares, flags and balloons are just some of the creative items we look forward to bringing each year to "expose" our mounts to. We never cease to be amazed by our horses relax and say "no big deal!" to many items that we weren't quite sure of. Our members are everyone from Vets & Police Officers to stay at home Moms. We're all friendly and enjoy what we do with our Horse Partners!

I also enjoy doing Fun Shows with other Paso Finos and Gaited Breeds here in the Denver area. No stress, just fun and creative classes make the spring and summer a fun time to ride!


Tue, Feb 23, 2010 6:01 PM   



We are the grandparents and we purchase the horses. We like all the sports and activities. We like trail riding, horse shows, jumping, O-Mok-See, cutting, roping, rodeos, training, clinics, and pleasure riding. We seldom get to ride, but are the transportation for the horses, the youth, the vet, the food supplier, and the person with the entry fees. The grandkids do trail rides, gaming, horse shows, some jumping, some clinics. We have 3 horses that go to shows and the other two need some more work before they are ready for shows. We attend about 10 shows a year depending on the travel. Gas is expensive and kids have other activities.

I am the historian for the ISCA and help with the Idaho state O-Mok-See. I like to photograph the horses doing pole bending, speed barrels, keg race, and barrel and stake. My most favorite is western jumping or scurry race. Western jumping requires one 2 foot jump, weave the poles, turn the end pole, weave the poles and jump the 2 foot jump again at high speed. Scurry race is three 2 foot jumps spaced out over 165 feet lane. Jump the jumps, turn the end barrel on the turning line and jump the jumps back to finish line at high speed for the fastest time and no poles knocked off. We hope to go to events in 2010, but depends on whether we all keep our jobs and if there is funds to travel.


Tue, Feb 23, 2010 5:15 PM 



We have 6 Percherons, used as draft animals, and one Paint used for working cattle and pleasure. We do not compete with our horses and, in fact, do not even own a trailer as they do not leave our ranch.





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